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ISEE Entrance Exam

To register for the test, please go to https://admission.erblearn.org and click on "Register For ISEE At A School Test Site" and then enter the following information:

Grade Applying: 9th

State: CA

Member Code: 570032 (YULA Boys School code)

Invitation Code to register for November 20th exam: TjZdcTGr

Invitation Code to register for December 18th exam: tL24EQkY

Click on Search and then click on YULA. 

Please register your son and pay the required ISEE exam fee before October 30th to avoid a late fee for the November 20th test date and by November 27th, to avoid a late fee for the December 18th test date. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call the school office at 310-203-3180. 

If you sign up to take the ISEE at a different test location, please make sure to have the test scores sent to YULA Boys High School by entering our school code: 570032.

Day of the Exam
• Each student must complete a registration form or provide a Verification Letter from ISEE.
• Student’s identity must be confirmed before testing; without identification, the student may
not take the test.
• “Walk-in” parents and students – please arrive at 8:00 a.m. promptly to fill out an
At check-in, students must present their ISEE Verification Letters and/or identification. Acceptable forms of identification are:
• Birth certificate
• Social Security Card
• School Report Card
• School ID
• Passport
• Green Card
• Verification letters
• Students may bring reasonable snacks for the breaks (fruit, cookies, etc.) but no food, drink,
candy or gum may be consumed DURING testing.
The ISEE test starts at 9:00 a.m.
• Please note that per ISEE/ERB rules and regulations “no student may be admitted once testing has begun.”
If you have registered at another school and would like to change locations and take the test at YULA – please be sure to: • Call the school office this week to make sure we will have a test for you
• Bring a check for $30 made out to ERB or credit card information.
• Please bring your ISEE Verification letter
The materials that are prohibited during testing include:
• scratch paper
• books
• calculators (or calculator watches)
• cell phones
• beepers, or any other similar electronic devices
• iPods, MP3 players, electronic games;
• compass
• ruler
• dictionary or thesaurus
• any other materials which may provide assistance to students answering test questions