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The Home Team

While many of the 10th graders were in participating in the New York Experience Shabbaton, those who didn't attend still had a busy and eventful day on Monday.
First, three students, Yossi Alkoby, Ilan Kaboud, and Levi Saada, took on the role of rebbeim as they taught Rabbi Sufrin's 9th grade. With a little help from Rabbi Shapiro and a lot of their own preparation, they each delivered their own presentation. Using drama and multimedia, their shiurim showed the 9th graders the moral values embedded halakhic topics and how the halakhic process works, starting from the Talmud and leading to different contemporary cases. Special credit goes to Moshe Yaghoubian and to Zevulun Zeffren, who voluntarily came to hear their friends, and to Zevulun for helping Yossi in acting out a halakhic scenario.

Later, a larger group of students met at the home of Rabbi Shapiro. They ate lunch from Shanghai Garden as they followed the live feed of the Saracheck finals projected on the wall of Rabbi Shapiro's living room and cheered on the Panthers. They also enjoyed a backgammon tournament, won by Daniel Kohanbash, and a pool tournament, won by Avraham Kavian.

Rabbi Avner Shapiro
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