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New Mural Spans the Halls of YULA Boys

There is a new and exciting addition to the halls of YULA, or rather, on the halls of YULA. Over Pesach Break, Benjamin Krombach under the direction of YULA's art instructor Ian Arenas, created a breathtaking forced-perspective mural that, almost literally, jumps from the wall climbing the main staircase.

Mr. Arenas describes the technique of forced-perspective as well as the intention of the mural:

"Spanning multiple surfaces, the mural forces the viewer to situate their body in a specific location to align all the parts properly. The panther mural requires the viewer to stand directly in front of the trophy cases and championship banners in the main entrance of the school. I envisioned a student, parent or rabbi admiring the YULA Boy's 2014 Liberty League Championship Soccer trophy, and in a haze of overwhelming pride, turning around to be flabbergasted by Ben's mural."

Built into the mural is a message the casual observer may not notice at first glance. YULA's school motto "Kedusha of Person, Place, and Time" was weaved into the body of the panther using Hebrew text. A picture that emphasizes that effect with added color is provided below.

Over 140 total man-hours was spent on this project during the planning and execution. While Benjamin was the main artist behind the work, he had a team of young men that were eager to lend a hand, a brush stroke, and some rousing support. Shmuel Moadeb, Ebrahim Menasheraf, Moshe Yaghoubian, Yossi Etshalom, Max Glaser, Josh Kohan, and YULA guard Alfredo Rodriguez were all to eager to offer those services. Special thanks also goes to Rabbi Glass, Rabbi Schreiber, and Dr. Soifer who supported the project from the beginning.

Enjoy a wonderful time-lapse video below illustrating the hard work and amazing artistry of Benjamin Krombach on behalf of all the students here at YULA.

*Color added to emphasize the Hebrew text: "Kedusha of Person, Place, and Time"

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