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Connecting with Alumni through Learning

What better way to stay connected to YULA and our Beit Midrash than studying Torah with our YULA Rebbeim? Fueled by a desire to learn and stay connected with their alma mater, a group of UCLA students, including Moishe Kahn and Roy Hadavi, approached Rabbi Yitzchak Etshalom with the idea of instituting a weekly shiur. Thus was born YUCLAlumni, a new program for YULA alumni at UCLA interested in continuing their Jewish learning. Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan, the JLI Rabbi at UCLA, was thrilled with the idea and encouraged as many students to attend as possible. At the first meeting along, over 20 students were in attendance. The shiur will focus on a the study of Tehillim; they started with Pirkei Hallel and will work their way through Pesukei D’zimrah and other texts and prayers.

Upon returning to Los Angeles for Pesach vacation, YULA is a favorite spot for recent graduates to return. Last year’s seniors were roaming the halls this past week, coming back for davening and to visit with former rebbeim and teachers. On Monday, April 7, Rabbi Sufrin hosted a special alumni learning program with eight recent graduates. In preparation for Pesach, the boys learned about the Top 10 Highlights of the Hagaddah, and had a great time reminiscing about their experiences at YULA over divrei Torah. 

YUCLA Learning Program

Alumni return to learn at YULA
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