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About YULA

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We dream big at YULA. That’s because we have great aspirations for our graduates. A YULA graduate is able to live with his feet firmly planted in two distinct worlds: the Beit Medrash, with the skills, inspiration, and passion to make daily Torah study a lifelong pursuit, as well as the broader world around us, with the education and training that will open every possible academic and professional opportunity, ultimately leading to a passion-driven career path. While this combination of skills is not easy to teach, we do it because it is our mission and we wholeheartedly believe in it. It requires passionate and talented educators, a tirelessly devoted administration, as well as resources and a curriculum that honors these goals. It is a source of pride for all of us to be associated with this great program, and to be involved in creating the next generation of B’nei Torah and Jewish leaders.

The best four years of your life are filled with opportunities to grow, alongside 200+ other young men committed to taking on an uncompromising and high quality dual curriculum program of Torah and general studies like no other in the community. Graduates of our yeshiva leave with a firm foundation in both Torah studies and general studies, as B’nei Torah who are firmly rooted in Jewish tradition, ready to make an impact on the wider community. Armed with deep and meaningful relationships with fellow classmates, rebbeim, and teachers, they are poised to make growth a lifelong pursuit.


The religious philosophy of YULA is based on the acceptance of Torah from Sinai and a total commitment to the halachic process in determining one’s lifestyle. YULA identifies with those who combine a halachic lifestyle with active participation in contemporary society without any compromise or laxity in the observance of halacha.

YULA recognizes that there is much value in contemporary culture which, when integrated into a Torah lifestyle, can enhance the quality of life.  With this in mind, all entering students receive a laptop to keep them on the edge of technology.  YULA employs two full-time I.T. staff members to help facilitate and maintain all technological means at school.

YULA believes that the Torah and halacha are the only yardsticks for determining the aspects of contemporary culture that are acceptable to an observant Jew. It is the courage to reject what is unacceptable which gives the contemporary Jew the right to embrace what is appropriate.  It is this assessment process which enables effective integration of the Torah and General Studies.


Quality Jewish Education is crucial to the future of the Jewish People.

YULA is a Modern Orthodox Jewish school dedicated to cultivating unwavering commitment to Halacha, Torah Hashkafa, outstanding academic achievement, and exemplary moral conduct.

YULA will endeavor to fulfill this mission by:

  • inculcating within each student the responsibility of each Jew toward G-d, Torah, and all people;
  • inspiring its students to be spiritually bonded with the Land and State of Israel;
  • combining Judaic studies with the ideals of the American democratic heritage of freedom, justice, and human dignity;
  • instilling self-respect and respect for others as a fundamental standard;
  • fostering intellectual curiosity;
  • promoting excellent habits of mind including self-discipline, independence, and leadership to prepare each student for a rapidly changing world;
  • encouraging students to participate in service at the school and within the larger community.


YULA Boy's High School is located in the heart of the vibrant Pico-Robertson district of West Los Angeles. Just south of Beverly Hills, adjacent to the world-renowned Museum of Tolerance, the Boys' campus has an immediate local community that offers over 25 Orthodox Ashkenazic and Sephardic synagogues providing full Shabbat services, all within walking distance.
There are also more than 30 kosher restaurants, bakeries and markets. The pleasant southern California climate affords year-round outdoor activity and compliments our indoor-outdoor campus perfectly.