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ISEE Entrance Exam


To register for the test, please go to https://iseeonline.erblearn.org to create an online account, add the student's information and select "New Registration" to register "By Event Code."

Grade Applying: 9th

State: CA

Member Code: 570032 (YULA Boys School code)

Click on Search and then click on YULA. 

For the Sunday, November 10th test date: 
Please register your son and pay the required ISEE exam fee before October 20th, to avoid a late fee.

Invitation Code to register A2KRRJ7N

For the Sunday, December 22nd test date:
Please register your son and pay the required ISEE exam fee before December 1st to avoid a late fee.

Invitation Code to register RD7T37H7

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call the school office at 310-203-3180. 

If you sign up to take the ISEE at a different test location, please make sure to have the test scores sent to YULA Boys High School by entering our school code: 570032.

Below is the schedule for the day – Please read carefully:

7:30 am - CHECK-IN TIME 
*Each student must complete a registration form or provide a Verification Letter from ISEE.
*Student’s identity must be confirmed before testing; without identification, the student may not take the test.  See below for acceptable forms of ID.
*Walk-in” parents and students – please arrive at 7:30 a.m. promptly to fill out an application. Please make sure to bring a check for $150 made payable to ERB.  Cash will not be accepted.
*Davening will start promptly at 8:00 in the Beit Midrash.  Please bring your tallit and tefillin.
*A cereal breakfast will be provided.
*Students may bring reasonable snacks for the breaks (fruit, cookies, etc.) but no food, drink, candy or gum may be consumed DURING testing.

*Please note that per ISEE/ERB rules and regulations – “No student may be admitted once testing has begun.”

12:15 pm  -  PICK UP TIME
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me at yfrankel@yula.org
At check-in, students must present their ISEE Verification Letters and/or identification. Acceptable forms of identification are:
• Birth Certificate
• Social Security Card
• School Report Card
• School ID
• Passport
• Green Card
• Verification Letters
If you have registered at another school and would like to change locations and take the test at YULA – please be sure to:
• Call the school office this week to make sure we will have a test for you
• Bring a check for $30 made out to ERB or credit card information.
• Please bring your ISEE Verification letter
The materials that are prohibited during testing include:
• scratch paper
• books
• calculators (or calculator watches)
• cell phones
• beepers, or any other similar electronic devices
• iPods, MP3 players, electronic games, fidget spinners
• compass
• ruler
• dictionary or thesaurus
• any other materials which may provide assistance to students answering test questions

Additional ISEE Accommodations:
With prior approval from the ERB, below is an additional list of accommodations that can be administered at a standard ISEE test site in a standard timing testing room.
These accommodations could include any one of the following:

Graph/Lined Paper - Provided by Family
Graphic Organizer - Provided by Family
Multiplication Table - Provided by Family
Math Reference Sheet - Provided by Family
Access to Medical Supplies/Snack/ Drink at all Times During Testing
Preferential Seating
Highlighter - Provided by Family
Ruler/Index Card/Tracking Device - Provided by Family
Colored Overlay - Provided by Family
Magnifier - Provided by Family
Noise Reducing Headphones/ Earplugs - Provided by Family
FM System - Provided by Family