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Judaic Studies



YULA currently offers a structured, spiral curriculum in Torah Studies designed to provide students with exposure to the classical Jewish sources through textual study and to engender a life-long love of learning. All students are assigned to a class based on their proficiency, skills and motivation. During their high school career students are monitored ensuring that their individual program suits their particular needs. Students have the opportunity to transfer between tracks and classes throughout their high school.


All students at YULA have, as their most basic Judaic course, the study of Talmud. Beginning with an introduction to Talmudic analysis in the 9th grade, the program culminates in a full Iyun class in the 12th grade - geared to prepare them for study at a post-high school program in Israel and beyond. All grades have an emphasis on the study of Chumash, with an emphasis on mastering textual study with the classic commentaries. As they progress through their high school years, the methodology and range of commentaries to which they are exposed gains in sophistication and depth Our robust Judaic Studies Department also offers the students classes in Navi, Jewish Thought and Contemporary Halacha.


The Baum Family AGT (Advanced Gemara Track) provides students with an intensive exposure to Talmud and its commentaries. Beginning in 9th grade, there is a heavy emphasis on reading and students are introduced to the traditional chavruta method of study. Participation in the Baum Family Advanced Gemara
Track requires weekly participation at “Night Seder” on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school and regular attendance on Sunday mornings for both shacharit and shiur. Any student may apply for admission to the AGT.


In addition to the Baum Family AGT program YULA offers a “Chaburah-style” learning program for qualified students. These students begin each day with a short shiur in Halacha and then are afforded the opportunity to learn daily in an even more “b’iyun” study of Talmud. Outstanding members of a local Kollel teach the Beit Midrash program.


The Friedman Family Masmidim program is a daily bekiut study of Talmud offered to motivated students, with a comprehensive system of chazarah. Each year students complete an entire masechet and participate in the national Yeshiva University Bronka Weintraub High School Bekiut Program. This program consists of a series of written tests throughout the year and students receive awards and prizes based upon performance.