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Parnes Hayom

For many hours each school day, YULA students and Rebbeim join Rashi and the Steipler, the Rambam and Rav Soloveitchik, as they explore the beautiful world of the Torah.
In times of distress and in times of immense happiness, Jews turn to the Torah. This tradition, stretching back millennia, has sustained us as a nation through the best and worst times of our collective and personal histories.
Parnes Hayom gives members of YULA Nation – parents, grandparents, alumni and friends – the opportunity to share in the s’char of our Torah learning in honor of a special event in their lives, to commemorate a yarzheit, for a refuah shleimah, or any other reason.
Sponsorship opportunities include dedicating:
  • A day of learning - $180
  • A week of learning - $1,000
  • A month of learning - $3,600
  • A day of learning in perpetuity - $5,000
Dedications are announced each morning at davening and signs are posted around the school to inform students and Rebbeim of the day’s learning dedication.
A tremendous amount of Torah is shared each day at YULA and we can think of no better way to be a partner in the s’char ha’limud than participating in this special Parnes Hayom Initiative.
For more information, please contact Rochel Gargir, Director of Development and Operations, at 310-203-3180 or at rgargir@yula.org.