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Educational Support and Inclusion Specialists | Title I Teachers | Alienu Family Resource Center

Supplemental Services are designed to help students deal with the demands of a dual curriculum that is characteristic of Jewish High Schools.  Our typical student has been battling to keep afloat in classes that may feel both over stimulating and overwhelming.

The Educational Support and Inclusion Program at YULA provides the following unique services:

  • On-campus weekly meetings with students to discuss and facilitate academic issues
  • Ongoing communication and advocacy with faculty and administration
  • Support for students’ individual learning struggles and communication with parents
  • Academic management of services for students with psycho-educational diagnoses and recommendations (private or title one).  Development and coordination of appropriate accommodations and in specific cases modifications,  An intervention plan is created for each student’s unique learning profile (informal 504 plan)
  • Organization of assignments, materials, and time management with students
  • Consultation with College Counselors regarding SAT and ACT application services for students with disabilities
Please contact Director of General Studies Bluma Drebin (bdrebin@yula.org) if you would like your child to receive academic support or services.

Educational Support and Inclusion Specialists

Mia Markoff, MSW

Mia Markoff is a trained clinical social worker, educator, and inclusion specialist. She has worked with families and adolescents for over twenty years. Mia's background as a high school guidance counselor providing emotional and academic support to high school students was the conduit to her training as a learning disabilities inclusion specialist. For the past nine years she has served as an educational advocate for high school students with specific learning disabilities, facilitating classroom accommodations, and consulting with faculty and administration in order to create a successful academic environment for her clients.

Beth Schoen, MSW

Beth Schoen is a clinically trained social worker and educational consultant with over 15 years of experience working with children and adolescents. For eleven years she has served as an inclusion specialist providing advocacy, educational tools and consulting services for over 50 families with students in academically competitive high schools. She is also a college level instructor in educational psychology. Her enthusiasm as an advocate, a consultant to parents and schools, as well as a professor has had a tremendous impact on high school students and those that will potentially work with those students in the future.

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Title I Teachers

The Title I program provides supplemental educational services so that all children have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education. LAUSD teachers are sent to YULA to work with students who need remediation in math and English Language Arts.

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Aleinu Family Resource Center

The Aleinu Family Resource Center has earned the respect and trust of the Orthodox community through culturally sensitive resources for strengthening individual and family life. Aleinu's counseling center has evolved from a small clinic serving just a few clients, to a vital force in the Los Angeles Jewish community. Today, when community members need help, Aleinu is the place they turn to. Whether it be marital strife, parenting difficulties, trauma in the family, depression, anxiety, domestic violence, substance abuse, or other challenges that affect the lives of those who call.

YULA has an Alienu representative on staff to assist the students with any personal issue that may arise during their time in high school.

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