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Measures to Ensure Physical Distancing


The following Measures are in place to avoid crowding on hallways and  stairways: 

    • Designation of up and down stairways 
    • Staggering of breaks between classes 
    • Monitoring of stairways by school staff 
    • To minimize density in our hallways as much as possible, there will be clear circulation route signage on how to walk through the hallways


All lockers will be assigned in a way to maintain social distance guidelines as practicable.

Students will not be allowed to mingle or hang out in the locker area.



    • We will limit which restroom stalls and sinks can be used to ensure social distancing.
    • There will be a restroom assigned to each grade.
    • The individual restrooms in Gelman Hall and Staff Lounge will be designated for faculty use only. 
    • Our cleaning and maintenance staff will disinfect the restroom several times a day. We will have additional sanitizing stations outside of each restroom.
    • The doors to the entrances of each student restroom will be left opened promoting minimal contact on door handles.
    • We will have signage in each restroom reminding students of the importance of physical distancing and of washing their hands prior to leaving the restroom.



Water fountain usage will be prohibited.  We encourage students to bring their own water bottles.



We will not be able to serve breakfast as we have done in the past by providing cereal and milk. We will encourage students to bring breakfast from home. Breakfast will take place in the respective shiur classrooms.


We will continue to stagger our lunch periods on campus with 9th and 10th grade having lunch together and 11th and 12th grade having lunch at a different time. We will be setting up three locations for lunch with enough seating adhering to social distance. We will have staff in these locations daily during lunch to ensure that students adhere to physical distancing guidelines. There will be no off campus lunch privileges at this time.