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Measures to Ensure Infection Control


Screening is conducted before students, visitors and staff may enter the school. Screening will include a check-in concerning cough, shortness of breath or experience of fever and any other symptoms the person may be experiencing. These checks will be done in person upon arrival with a no-touch thermometer. 


Screening also includes a question about close contact with anyone at home, school or elsewhere that the individual has been told has tested positive for COVID19. 


Any student who is screened for exposure and reports close contact with an infected person is provided with a surgical mask and accompanied to a predetermined space in the  school while arrangements are made for them to be picked up by parents in order to initiate quarantine at home. Parents are advised to seek testing for their son. 



Measures are in place to ensure appropriate cleaning and disinfecting of space, surfaces and objects throughout the school.

      • A cleaning and disinfecting schedule has been established in order to avoid both under- and overuse of cleaning products. 
      • Common areas and frequently touched objects in those areas (tables, doorknobs, light switches, countertops, handles, desks, phones, keyboards, elevator switches and  buttons, touch screens, printers/copiers, grab bars, and handrails) are disinfected three times daily using appropriate products (see below). 
      • Where individualized alternatives are not feasible, for example, in science labs and art rooms where some equipment may have to be used by multiple students, objects and surfaces are cleaned and disinfected between users.


      • Cleaning products that are effective against COVID-19 are used according to product instructions. 
      • To reduce asthma risk disinfectant products on list N with asthma-safer ingredients (hydrogen peroxide, citric acid or lactic acid) will be used. Products which contain peroxyacetic (peracetic) acid, sodium hypochlorite (bleach) or quaternary ammonium compounds are avoided. 



Measures are in place to ensure frequent hand washing by staff, students and visitors. These may include: 


      • Students and staff are given frequent opportunities to wash their hands for 20 seconds with soap, rubbing thoroughly after application, and use paper towels to dry hands thoroughly. 
      • Ethyl alcohol-based, hand sanitizer is made available to students and staff at strategic locations throughout the school.
      • Hand sanitizer based on isopropyl alcohol is not used in the school given its potential toxicity. Staff have been made aware of the risk of ingestion and that they should call Poison Control at 1-800-222-1222 if there is reason to believe that a student has consumed hand sanitizer. 
      • Hand sanitizer, soap and water, tissues and trash cans are available to the public at or near the entrance of the facility, at reception, and anywhere else inside the workplace or immediately outside where people have direct interactions.


HVAC has been sanitized using virucidal cleaner to clean coils and filters have been upgraded.



Anyone entering school property is required to wear cloth face coverings at all times while on school property except while eating, drinking or carrying out other activities that preclude use of face coverings.

Measures are in place to ensure use of appropriate face coverings by all staff, students and visitors at all times. These may include:

    • Signage at the entry to the school, at the entry to the school office and throughout the school building reinforces this requirement and depicts proper use of cloth face coverings. 
    • One cloth face coverings will be provided to each student at the start of the school year. 
    • Staff who are deployed at school entry or in hallways or other common areas to reinforce physical distancing also remind students of rules concerning use of cloth face coverings. 



Measures are in place to ensure physical distancing within classrooms. These include: 

  • In-person class size has been limited to accommodate social distancing. 
  • Classroom furniture is set up to ensure 6 feet between students at their desks/tables and between students and teachers to the extent feasible. Where 6 feet of distance is not possible, physical barriers are used to minimize close contacts. 
  • All desks in each classroom will have plexiglass installed on each desk that minimizes face-to-face contact.
  • Orbit Rooms have been established to reduce the overall number of students in classrooms on a given day.  These include:
      • Gail & Emil Kestenbaum Beit Midrash
      • Samson Center 
      • Student Lounge
      • Robin Family Plaza
      • Levkowitz Leadership Center
      • Sassoon Beit Midrash 
      • Kestenbaum Commons
      • Schlesinger Steam & Entrepreneurship Center


    • Furniture designed for in-class group activities that bring students closer than 6 feet has been reconfigured or removed from the classroom 


    • Teaching methods have been modified to avoid close contact between students in laboratories and other classes that may usually involve group activities. 


We will be establishing multiple designated areas on campus for all of our Minyanim and Tefillot. These designated areas for Tefillah will adhere to all physical distancing guidelines and be supervised by our Rebbeim. We will also seek to minimize the handling of objects by multiple people, thereby cutting the risk of contagion.

      • Seats will be spaced out per social distancing guidelines
      • Attendees must bring their own Siddurim, Talit and Tefillin 
      • Cell phones may not be used in lieu of Siddurim
      • No tzedakah will be collected during Tefiilah
      • The Sefer Torah will be handled only by the Baal Koreh 
      • The Baal Koreh will receive all Aliyot
      • All personal belongings must be stored in lockers and may not be left in any of these designated areas
      • Each designated area for Tefillah will be supplied with hand sanitizer